Katherine Dolphin Griffin

Katherine has been invited to share her story in many newspapers and radio stations. You can read some of these below.

Katherine has been invited to share her story in many newspapers and radio stations. You can read some of these below.


Irish examiner logo

Irish Examiner

​Tackling cancer: ‘I’ve had a lot of surgeries — Dad and I were a tag team’.

The Echo

​Cork author of a new book: I have got unfinished business with cancer.

Red FM

Cork woman says her book telling her & her fathers cancer stories is about hope, love & resilience.

Farmers Journal

Finding hope to cope with loss, cancer and life’s challenges.


Cancer survivor Katherine Dolphin Griffin spreading hope as she shows there is a life after the disease.

Irish Cancer Society

Cork local Katherine Dolphin Griffin was thirty-seven years old when she began to notice some changes in her voice.

Cork Independent

Cork author and schoolteacher Katherine Dolphin is one of those people that you hear about on the radio

Connacht Tribune

When Portumna man Joe Dolphin was diagnosed with cancer in 2008, his daughter and best ally Katherine

The Echo

AN awards ceremony with a difference took place in the Maryborough House Hotel last Thursday night

Virgin Media

A former cancer patient who wrote about her experience with the disease has donated two brand new cars


The Cork woman has raised an amazing €100 thousand towards the Irish Cancer Society and Marymount Hospice…

Testimonial Advert 

Katherine’s innate resolve to engage fully in life has seen her star – in a Ted Baker dress — in a VHI TV ad that has run across all major channels since 2017.

Book Signing Events

Please see below all the upcoming book signing events:

October 22nd – Dunnes Stores Charleville

October 29th – Dunnes Stores St Stephen’s Green

November 4th – Dunnes Stores Cornells Court

November 5th – Dunnes Stores Liffey Valley

November 12th – Dunnes Stores Terryland Galway

November 19th – Dunnes Stores Carlow

November 25th, 26th & 27th Ballymaloe Winter Craft Fair

December 3rd – Dunnes Stores Bishopstwon, Bandon Road Cork

December 10th – Dunnes Jetlands Limerick

December 16th – Dunnes Ballyvolane Cork

December 17th – Dunnes Patrick’s Street Cork

December 18th – The Marina Market Cork

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What is thyroid cancer?

​The thyroid is a gland at the base of the neck, just below the Adam’s apple. It sits on top of the windpipe, below the voicebox (larynx).Thyroid cancer happens when cells in the thyroid change and start to grow in an abnormal way. 
Main symptoms:

​Lump in neck (painless or painful), which gradually gets bigger.

​Difficulty in swallowing or breathing.

​Changes to voice, including hoarseness.

​These symptoms can be caused by conditions other than cancer. Most lumps in front of the neck are not cancer but it’s still important to go to the GP and get any unusual changes checked out.

Risk factors:

The cause of thyroid cancer is unknown but risk factors that can increase chances of developing it include:

Age — most cases occur in people over 40.
Gender — women are more at risk than men.
Certain benign thyroid diseases, for example, enlarged thyroid (goitre), thyroid nodules (adenomas) or inflamed thyroid (thyroiditis).
Low level of iodine in the diet. Iodine is found in a range of foods including fish, milk, dairy products and eggs.
Family history — you’re more at risk if a family member has had medullary thyroid cancer.
Inherited faulty gene, for example, the RET gene may cause medullary thyroid cancer and the bowel condition, familial adenomatous polyposis (FAP) may lead to thyroid cancer.
Overactive or underactive thyroid does not increase the risk of developing thyroid cancer.

​​Having a risk factor doesn’t mean you’ll get cancer. People with no risk factors also get it. If worried, talk to your GP or call Irish Cancer Society 1800 200700.